Proudly we announce our newest, and also debut, EP Album”Waiting for Response”.

In Smoking Alaska’s independently produced debut EP, the theme “Waiting for Response” is brought to the surface by dreamy dynamic sounds.

While being indie rock music at its core, the EP “Waiting for Response” introduces a diverse arrangement of songs, all influenced by different aspects of the wide range of modern rock music. Sounds extend from quiet melodic tunes to explosive energetic outbursts, while keeping the main focus on the emotion. Join Smoking Alaska in their very first musical journey: “Waiting for Response”.


The album “Waiting for Repsonse” is being distributed in 2 ways. The first one, and the coolest(!), is to get a hardcopy of our EP via the contact form just a few scrolls below on this page.

The second way would be via digital distribution such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, CD Baby, Amazon Music and all other major digital distribution services.

The price for a hardcopy of “Waiting for Response” is €7,50 including (international) shipping!

After filling in and submitting the form we will try to do our best to contact you as quick as possible for the payment instructions and we will then ship the album as soon as possible!

Thanks for supporting us.

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